Frequently Asked Questions

Are Water Source hydrant parts interchangeable with other units?
Our parts will fit most Clayton Mark and Water Worker hydrants. Most other manufacturers of hydrants and specific parts only for their units.

Are hydrants repairable without digging them out of the ground?
Yes. Most units can be replaced by taking the head off the hydrant and pulling the rod and plunger up thru the steel rod.

Why is my pressure switch not working properly?
Make sure your cut-in pressure of your switch (20-40…the 20 PSI is the cut-in) is equal or 2 PSI below the amount of air in your well tank. Thus, you would need 18 PSI of air in your precharged tank.

Why is my check valve not working?
Make certain you have the unit installed correctly. The check should follow the flow of the water. (Please note the arrow on your check valve)

Are check valves and foot valves interchangeable?
Yes. They all serve the same purpose.