Hydrants: Can my yard hydrant be repaired without digging it up?

Yes, in most cases the hydrant can be repaired without digging it up. It will require you to turn the water supply off, drain all pressure, and remove the hydrant head, rod and plunger for repair.

Hydrants: Do I need to remove the hydrant head to replace the clevis rod?

Yes, you will need to remove the hydrant head to replace the clevis rod.

Hydrants: My hydrant is leaking at the drain valve, how do I fix this?

Click Here for Hydrant Adjustment Instructions

Hydrants: Can I swap Blue hydrant parts with my Red hydrant?

No, these parts do not interchange. If you do not want to dig up your existing red unit, you can buy a new blue hydrant that has the same bury depth as the old red unit you have. You will then need to swap the head (blue), clevis rod, main rod, and plunger into the old stand pipe. Adjust the hydrant to ensure there are no leaks. Red vs. Blue information here

Hydrants: Will the yard hydrant repair kit repair any other brand of hydrant?

Our parts will fit most hydrants on the market, such as Water Worker, Clayton Mark, Water Source, and Pro Plumber. Our new blue parts will only work with blue Water Source and Pro Plumber units.

Sediment Filter: How often should I flush my sediment filter?

We suggest that you check the sediment filter every day for the first month to get a good idea on how often you will need to flush the filter system. Depending on water usage, filter mesh, and how much sediment is present in your system will also determine how often you will need to flush the filter.

Sediment Filter: How do I flush my sediment filter?

Cleaning sediment from your filter is easy, simply open the purge valve for 30 seconds while the system is under pressure from the pump or pressure tank. To avoid water hammer always close the flush valve slowly.

Sediment Filter: What mesh size do I need?

A good rule of thumb is to purchase the coarsest mesh that will remove the type of sediment you are dealing with in your system. Lower mesh numbers correspond to coarser mesh, while higher mesh numbers correspond to higher mesh numbers. Please see this chart to determine the proper size mesh for your system.

Pitcher Pump: What are the dimensions of the leathers included in the pitcher pump repair kit?

The leathers included in the repair kit are the PPL-103 and PPL-503. The PPL-103 measures 3”x2” the PPL-503 3-1/2”x2-7/8”.

Pitcher Pump: Do I need to prime this pump each use?

Yes, we suggest that you fill the pump full of water to prevent the leather cup from being damaged by dry use.

Pitcher Pump: Do I need to use a foot valve or check valve with my pitcher pump?

It is not necessary to install a check valve or foot valve on pitcher pump system. If you do install a check valve or foot valve it will prevent the water from draining inside the pump and pipe, this will cause freezing in cold temps and can damage the pump.

Pitcher Pump: Are there any tips to winterize this pump?

Providing there is no foot valve or check valve installed in the system, you will need to lift the handle on the pump and all of the water will drain back into the well system.

Pressure Switch: What is the difference between 1 and 2 spring switches?

Two-Spring Pressure Switches: Pressure switches with two posts allow adjustment of the cut-on and cut-off pressure at the same time. The second post allows adjustment of the cut-off pressure independently.
One-Spring Pressure Switches: These allow adjustment of the cut-on and cut-off pressure at the same time. This will keep a 20 PSI differential between the start (cut-on) and stop (cut-off) pressures.

Pressure Switch: What is cut-on pressure?

This is the low pressure that starts the pump. This is typically 20 PSI less than the cut-off pressure.

Pressure Switch: How do I adjust my pressure switch?

Click Here for Adjustment Instructions

Pressure Switch: What Air Pressure Should I Have In My Pressure Tank?

Any adjustments to the air pressure in the tank need to be made with the power turned off and all water pressure drained.
20-40 = 18psi
30-50 = 28psi
40-60 = 38psi

Shipping & Online Ordering: Can I confirm that my order was placed successfully?

After you finalized your order, you should have seen an Order Confirmation page. If you saw that page, the order was successfully submitted. If you did not see that page or don’t remember it, the next way to know your order was successful is through the email confirmations that you will receive from us.

Shipping & Online Ordering: How can I cancel my order?

Our order-fulfillment and shipping systems are designed to deliver orders quickly and efficiently. Customer’s orders are sent to our warehouse frequently throughout the day for quick fulfillment and shipping. Therefore, it is not possible to change or cancel an order once it has been processed.

If you would like to cancel or change your order, please call our Customer Service Team at 800-346-7611 or email sales@watersourceusa.com as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to accommodate your request if your order has not already been processed.

Shipping & Online Ordering: Why do I need to provide my phone number when placing an order online?

If for some reason there is an issue with a specific inventory item, an associate may need to reach you directly to provide additional information in regards to your order.

Shipping & Online Ordering: Shipping Options

– USPS: Delivers within 7-10 business days.
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– FedEx 2day: Delivers in 2 business days, weekends not included.
– FedEx Standard Overnight: Delivers in 1 business day, weekends not included.
Shipping Guidelines
Shipping Method: You may select your own shipping method for most products.
Shipping Time: Amount of time the item is expected to be in transit according to the Shipping Method you choose.
Business Days: Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays.
** Orders placed after 1:00 PM EST will ship the following business day.